Saturday, 30 November 2013

4 outfit ideas for christmas day/eve/morning + extra items related to christmas

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    This first outfit is for someone who wants to feel cozy and warm at home, with a christmas sweater, hot chocolate, a candle (that smells like christmas of course), beanie, UGG boots and comfortable leggings.
    ☃ Ted Baker Maysi fairisle jumper
    ☃ Designers Remix sage stretchy suede leggings
    ☃ Ugg classic Bailey Brushed Suede Boots
    ☃ Passigatti BOMMEL hat
    ☃ Yankee candle christmas ever jar candle
    ☃ Snowflake glove
    ☃ Snowman Mug

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    This outfit is perfect if you're going to a fancy christmas party. A dress with some glitter is never bad (even better because it's christmas). I love the butter London nail polish, it would really make red pop in the outfit, and of course black wedges.

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    This outfit is if you're going to a non-fancy party, but you could still dress up a little. With the red skater skirt, is perfect for the christmas season, but wear tights underneath if it's really cold where you live. A white blouse with leather collars and the Jeffrey campbell platform boots will add edginess to the outfit. To add the "high end" into the outfit, pair it up with a Vintage Chanel Classic quilted Bag, and of course Perfume by Daisy by Marc jacobs is a must.

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    This outfit is if you're out and about, The jacket is perfect for this occasion, so match it up with a nice blouse or shirt. Since you'll be walking around comfortable but stylish boots are a must. Coco Chanel Perfume. To add colour to your outfit pair it up with a Balenciaga bag preferably red (cause it's christmas).Thank you for reading, hope you got a few ideas from my outfit ideas :)


  1. I love these! You are making me very excited for Christmas!

  2. haha thank you! I made this post because I am also very excited for christmas :D xo

  3. love the last outfit, especially the aviator jacket! may i know the brand or where did u find it?!

    Cherie S.