Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kate Spade Spring 2014 collection

ImageI absolutely love Kate spade's Spring 2014 Ready-to-wear collection, its elegant but fun at the same time. The thing about Kate spade's designs is that they are always so colourful and who doesn't like clothes that are colourful. As a teenage girl, looking at Christian Dior or Alexander Wang doesn't really make me go WOW I want all of that. Kate spade's collection makes me go WOW I want those clothes. In my opinion, They remind me of dresses from the 60's, the big glasses and colourful dresses. The dresses are definitely in my wish list (dream on emma).

I feel like these outfits are the more sophisticated looks of Kate Spade's Spring 2014 collection. My favourite is the first look and the third look, those outfits are to die for. However, I live in a tropical country which means that its about 40 degrees Celsius all year round, which makes life harder every girl/women who want to dress up including me. If I did live in a country that had four seasons I would love to wear these outfits. I really like how the third outfit has a pop of pink, because the rest of the outfit is just black and white. Well done to Kate spade to note out that it is spring the collection can't be black and white. Other than that, I recently started using my Kate spade wallet I got in New york during the summer, and I am in love with it! Image

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  1. wow♥ the collection looks amazing! I love the coral dress!:) I follow you on bloglovin♥ you can follow my blog too if you'd like;) kisses!

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  2. I love the Kate Spade dresses! I agree the style is 60s, and I adore the coat with the bow detail in the first picture. Great post!

  3. Thank you for following me and sure I'll follow back :)

  4. I love the bow coat & the plaid coat. So cute!

  5. I love Kate Spade! I'm very colorful person and could wear bold colors everyday.Nice post!

  6. Yes, I agree! I absolutely love these colors! This line never holds back on making a bold statement! Great post ;)

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