Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kate Spade Spring 2014 collection

ImageI absolutely love Kate spade's Spring 2014 Ready-to-wear collection, its elegant but fun at the same time. The thing about Kate spade's designs is that they are always so colourful and who doesn't like clothes that are colourful. As a teenage girl, looking at Christian Dior or Alexander Wang doesn't really make me go WOW I want all of that. Kate spade's collection makes me go WOW I want those clothes. In my opinion, They remind me of dresses from the 60's, the big glasses and colourful dresses. The dresses are definitely in my wish list (dream on emma).

I feel like these outfits are the more sophisticated looks of Kate Spade's Spring 2014 collection. My favourite is the first look and the third look, those outfits are to die for. However, I live in a tropical country which means that its about 40 degrees Celsius all year round, which makes life harder every girl/women who want to dress up including me. If I did live in a country that had four seasons I would love to wear these outfits. I really like how the third outfit has a pop of pink, because the rest of the outfit is just black and white. Well done to Kate spade to note out that it is spring the collection can't be black and white. Other than that, I recently started using my Kate spade wallet I got in New york during the summer, and I am in love with it! Image

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#ootd What I wore for christmas 2012

#ootd What I wore for christmas 2012

So basically, this is what I wore for christmas 2012, I'll be sure to post what I wear for christmas 2013. This whole outfit is from top shop, it wasn't even on purpose. Red Leigh jeans, blue peplum top and a red hand bag from top shop too (which is not in the picture).

4 outfit ideas for christmas day/eve/morning + extra items related to christmas

  1. Image
    This first outfit is for someone who wants to feel cozy and warm at home, with a christmas sweater, hot chocolate, a candle (that smells like christmas of course), beanie, UGG boots and comfortable leggings.
    ☃ Ted Baker Maysi fairisle jumper
    ☃ Designers Remix sage stretchy suede leggings
    ☃ Ugg classic Bailey Brushed Suede Boots
    ☃ Passigatti BOMMEL hat
    ☃ Yankee candle christmas ever jar candle
    ☃ Snowflake glove
    ☃ Snowman Mug

  2. Image
    This outfit is perfect if you're going to a fancy christmas party. A dress with some glitter is never bad (even better because it's christmas). I love the butter London nail polish, it would really make red pop in the outfit, and of course black wedges.

  3. Image
    This outfit is if you're going to a non-fancy party, but you could still dress up a little. With the red skater skirt, is perfect for the christmas season, but wear tights underneath if it's really cold where you live. A white blouse with leather collars and the Jeffrey campbell platform boots will add edginess to the outfit. To add the "high end" into the outfit, pair it up with a Vintage Chanel Classic quilted Bag, and of course Perfume by Daisy by Marc jacobs is a must.

  4. Image
    This outfit is if you're out and about, The jacket is perfect for this occasion, so match it up with a nice blouse or shirt. Since you'll be walking around comfortable but stylish boots are a must. Coco Chanel Perfume. To add colour to your outfit pair it up with a Balenciaga bag preferably red (cause it's christmas).Thank you for reading, hope you got a few ideas from my outfit ideas :)

Friday, 29 November 2013



I live in a tropical country, which means its boiling hot all year. So I don't really get a chance to dress for fall or winter cause theres no such thing here. These peices are an example on what I would wear during fall (If there was even fall here)

♡ Slouchy cardigan from Hee grand
- I love slouchy cardigans I think they make it look like your dressed up but really you're just throwing it on for comfort.

♡ California Love tank top by

♡ Gucci Premiere Eau de perfume (I'm obsessed with perfume)

♡ Plain skinny jeans
- Perfect for winter and fall, never wear skinny jeans in singapore or any tropcial weather country or else you will melt, literally. :3

♡AINT NO WIFEY beanie, I am in love with that beanie! I neeeddd to find it.

♡Nars "versailles" a lovely nude colour.

♡UGG Mandie kiltie moccasin,
- these things are extremely comfortable to walk in.

♡Woven Trim Sueded Backpack by Charlotte Russe

Hope you guys enjoyed reading what I would wear if I did live in a country that had 4 seasons (I wish)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

"first post"

The typical tourist photo
The typical tourist photo

"The first post"

Introducing myself

Never have I ever thought I would start a blog. I tend to try new things most of them time, or try new hobbies. Once I started to get into art I painted everyday when I got back home from school, and I thought my paintings were good....I guess I was wrong, but I don't think it was that bad.

I am that asian girl, who tends to act like a white girl. I love Starbucks, but I love rice and everything asian related (especially noodles). I currently live in the small country so called as singapore. Some people I've met around the world don't even know where singapore is. It's tiny. By tiny I mean really tiny. You can't spot it on a map unless you zoom in. Singapore is a country (island) below Malaysia. Also, I've heard that singapore is the richest country in south east asia, I'm not sure if that is true but I have been seeing a lot of ferari's around singapore lately. However, I've only been in singapore for 3 months. My real home is Bangkok.

Bangkok, a bustling capital in beautiful Thailand (sorry for bragging I love my country). Its a lot like singapore, but not as "green" as singapore. before singapore I've always lived in bangkok. If you ask anyone in thailand if they think of moving to another country most of the answers will be no. I was shocked when I heard I was moving to singapore, I thought I would be living in Thailand until I graduate and hopefully to go to university in america. I'm not very good at "change" I get too used to something and want it to be the same forever, but moving to singapore gave me a reality check that change can be a good thing and judging from it now it is a good thing. I have met such amazing friends in singapore, and I have so many more opportunities here. Overall, I'm really starting to like this place.

- Emma