Friday, 29 November 2013



I live in a tropical country, which means its boiling hot all year. So I don't really get a chance to dress for fall or winter cause theres no such thing here. These peices are an example on what I would wear during fall (If there was even fall here)

♡ Slouchy cardigan from Hee grand
- I love slouchy cardigans I think they make it look like your dressed up but really you're just throwing it on for comfort.

♡ California Love tank top by

♡ Gucci Premiere Eau de perfume (I'm obsessed with perfume)

♡ Plain skinny jeans
- Perfect for winter and fall, never wear skinny jeans in singapore or any tropcial weather country or else you will melt, literally. :3

♡AINT NO WIFEY beanie, I am in love with that beanie! I neeeddd to find it.

♡Nars "versailles" a lovely nude colour.

♡UGG Mandie kiltie moccasin,
- these things are extremely comfortable to walk in.

♡Woven Trim Sueded Backpack by Charlotte Russe

Hope you guys enjoyed reading what I would wear if I did live in a country that had 4 seasons (I wish)


  1. That NARS polish is fab!

    - KW