Saturday, 21 December 2013

BKK Round 1

So as you can all see the title of the post is 'BKK' yes I am in BKK right now but by the time you're all reading this I'll be back in Singapore. I have been incredibly busy seeing friends and family, so I didn't have time to blog at all. However, now I have some free time before I go to bed. If you didn't know I am thai and I recently moved from Bangkok to Singapore, some of you might think that it's not a big deal, but it was a HUGE deal to me, probably the worst news of 2013 at the time, but now I've changed and its different. I am starting to like singapore, with all the new friends I've made, and how easy it is to get around (It's impossible to get anywhere in Bangkok because the traffic is the worse and it's not as safe as Singapore ).  I will be in Bangkok again this month, because I am coming back again for new year yay. 
Dinner at Greyhound (if you look closely, half of my face is on the left side) 

I have had such a great time here in Bangkok, I have always loved this city, and it's character. Also, on how it is so loud and busy all the time, I've learned to love it. I got the chance to visit my old school, friends and family. 

Camwhoring sesh (me in the middle)
Seeing my family was so nice, the last time I saw them was probably since the summer which was quite a while away. It was a great day overall catching up with everyone, and especially seeing my grandparents. So before I went to see them I was preparing for all the questions on how singapore is or if I like singapore better than Bangkok. Well obviously both cities are different in their own ways. A long day of eating and talking. It was the most chillest (is that a word?.. I don't know :3) day ever. However I was extremely excited to see all my friends, some of them I haven't seen since the summer, like one of my best friends who went to boarding school, so it was so nice to catch up with everyone. I also got to give the christmas presents to all my friends in Bangkok, after three days of intense christmas shopping. That day was also such a fun day, got to see all my friends, had delicious dinner, and had a sleepover with one of my best friends who I haven't seen in 5 months, and of course whats a sleepover without watching a chick flick. However, since my friend just came back she was extremely tired and fell asleep at 8... but then I fell asleep too. Now for my last full day in Bangkok, it was also the chillest (sorry I had to) day. Had Japanese food (favourite food of all time) and watched frozen, which was the cutest movie ever, the songs were such happy songs, the movie was just uplifting, and just made you feel happy (Well done disney). 

Just to remind all of you it's christmas soon!!! I am so excited literally my favourite time of the year. So I now have an excuse to have my Nutella hot chocolate (best thing ever), If you all of you want to see the recipe on how to make it tell me, and I'll be sure to write a post about it. Well, thats all for now, Thank you for reading!

How are your winter holidays?



  1. Lovely photos, dear! ^-^

  2. Youve been up to a lot:) nice pictures and post