Friday, 13 December 2013

The "LA look" via instagram & youtube

I know right now its december and its the winter season, but it's summer weather all year here, so read this post as if it's summer soon for all of you and you could take ideas off this, but if it's summer all year for you too then great!

I have been noticing a lot lately about the "LA look" the skater skirts, with doc martens and muscle tanks. I honestly love the look. It can be casual, formal and especially made for a more hotter climate. Which is good for me cause I live in a country thats 40 degrees Celsius everyday. However, Most of the looks I've seen is from Instagram and youtube. I am obsessed with youtube I probably subscribe to over 200 people. My favourites are the beauty guru's like Macbarbie07(Bethany Mota) (I met her :3) or stilababe09 (Meredith Foster). They give me lots of ideas for makeup, fashion and products that I might essentially like, and of course they live in California. The youtuber that has a strong "LA look" is Alexa Losey (smokeypinkleopard). She probably lives in boots, because all of her lookbook videos are basically her in boots all the time, I love it! heres examples of her videos.

Now on to Instgram. You all probably know this person, Kylie Jenner. She is the ultimate LA girl her style is spot on, on what I think the "LA look". Also, it could be because she was brought up in LA her whole life and as we all know she caught up to the style. Her Instagram photos are so nice, some of them don't even look like she took it from her iphone because the photos are so clear and HD. I have been noticing that she uses Flannel shirts as an accessory, that she ties around her waist, which I think is a great idea and also what every other LA girl wears :3 Here are some photos from her Instagram that shows her 'style'

kylie jenner, LA style, indie, hipster, high end, friend, jenner, kardasian
As you can see with these pictures her style is absolutely gorgeous! elegant in some photos and casual in the others. Well those are the perks of being a Kardasian (well jenner but you know same thing)  and having Kim, Kourtney and Khloe as your sisters. Also, shorts are essential where I live, wearing long trousers in singapore will probably make you melt because its so terribly hot.

To end on a light note, have a nice holiday everyone!

What do you think about the "LA style"?


  1. Skater skirts have to be one of my favouirte items of clothing, so of course I LOVE the la style!


  2. Glamorous dresses, that's also so wearable!!
    i love all the collections!!
    looks lovely!!